As we mentioned in our earlier post, Benecure was interviewed by TechStars Chicago and we along with other finalists in the program were given access to FounderSensei.  

FounderSensei is a mentor driven accelerator that helps startups follow the lean startup methodology. The program is headed by serial entrepreneur Dave Lindhardt.

Even though we had made progress in our respective businesses, all the startups improved dramatically through the program. In Benecure’s case we were forced to interview more people and challenge assumptions.

Pictured here are the founders of Hippoteq, Savvo,   FounderSensei,     Peckish and   Benecure.

Pictured here are the founders of Hippoteq, Savvo, FounderSensei, Peckish and Benecure.

To be honest, it helped make us a better startup. We learned a lot from the program thanks to Dave and the other startups. (It also helped us come up with an exciting new strategy to market.)

At Demo-day, we garnered great feedback along with leads to large corporations that would use our services. We also received interest from several investors.

If you would like to know more about the program, feel free to reach out to us.