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— Benecure Team

 The healthcare delivery system needs another revamp.

The healthcare delivery system needs another revamp.

We believe that heart disease should NOT be the #1 killer in the world.

Every 20 seconds

an American suffers from a cardiac event, every 60 seconds an American dies because of one.


we have a world class ambulatory service? True, but the "chain of survival's" weakest link is the person calling 911 in the first place. In a cardiac arrest you have 15 minutes to live, the difference between people who survive and who don't (even when shocked) is 60 seconds. Seconds literally matter and we don't need to waste minutes for someone to call 911. The biggest waste of time in the series of events to ensure survival is calling 911. To make matters worse, not all heart attacks can be felt.

What can I do?


Some companies offer a push button solution that is really meant for old people who can't get up from a fall, not for an unconscious individual who has just suffered a heart attack. Holter monitors are another option, where you pay a lot of money for a solution that is really meant for short term monitoring following a prescription.

Benecure has a solution that doesn't break your bank or your body.

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